Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

All children are individual and progress at different levels. For this reason at Daisy Chain we plan the environment to include a range of equipment and activities that may be interesting to the children, and we plan in direct response to what we observe the children doing. Some children require extra help in some areas of their development so we will work closely with parents to ensure we are doing the best for your child. The environment and progression through the rooms allows the children to progress their skills in readiness for school.

Outdoor space

At Daisy Chain we are passionate about providing exciting outdoor play areas that are freely accessible to the children. We aim for children to gain skills by hands-on experiences, so these include a wide range of equipment in the outdoor space such as the climbing equipment, bug hotel, mud kitchens, and spare parts area. The children are able to have free-flow into the outdoor areas to allow them to make the choice of when they want to go outside. This will include experiencing all weathers! as the learning opportunities of puddle jumping and breaking ice are endless!

Indoor Space

Our indoor space is organised to offer the children a wide range of different activities and learning opportunities. We aim for the learning to be hands-on, so children are fully engrossed in their learning and able to make choices about what they do during the day. Staff observe the children’s learning and plan to extend this on the basis of ‘in the moment planning’ so that we capture the children’s interests. We use a lot of ‘natural’ materials, such as real food in the role play area, pots and pans in the mud kitchen and we aim to inspire children with interesting mixes of artistic and creative materials and sensory equipment for the children to enjoy.

Daisy Chain Brochure

For more information about our nursery rooms, cost, philosophy and services, please download our brochure by clicking the following link.

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