We Listen

we listen

Whatever you want to say, we will listen.

Of course we love to hear nice things about ourselves. Who wouldn't? For us though we're more interested in the things you're not so happy with, after all if we know what's on your mind and if you tell us that something is bothering you, then we can do something about it.

We're always ready to listen; it's how we developed our unique Daisy Chain approach and how we continue to improve it.

We carry out regular parent surveys in order to get a thorough understanding of your opinions and feelings. We welcome your support and with your valuable feedback and the information we collate we will endeavour to say yes to any reasonable requests and support fresh ideas.

With that in mind we promise to keep you up to date through termly parents evenings, regular newsletters, plus daily updates of your child's progress and development.

We see parents as the children's first and most enduring educators. So, with that at the forefront of our minds we endeavour to continually work in partnership with parents to have a positive impact on your children's development and learning. We actively encourage parents to discuss your child's progress and wellbeing with our staff members at any time.

Daisy Chain Brochure

For more information about our nursery rooms, cost, philosophy and services, please download our brochure by clicking the following link.

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