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Free Entitlement September 2017

Information about the Free Entitlement (FE) from September 2017, following the government initiative to increase it for some families up to ‘30’ hours.

This is an extension to the current 15 hours which is offered to all children from the term after their 3rd birthday. However, unlike the 15 hours, which is Universal FE, only eligible parents can claim the additional 15 hours (Extended FE). Please see information in the summary below as to how to check your eligibility*.

The 15/30 hrs FE is only provided for 38 weeks per year, up to a maximum of 570/1140 hours per year. As we are open 52 weeks a year our main day nursery places will receive their funding spread over the weeks that we operate, as follows:-

• 2.5 hours per half day session
• 5 hours per full day session.
• Universal stretched funding will be to a maximum of 10 hours per week for 52 weeks
• Extended stretched funding will be to a maximum of 20 hours per week for 52 weeks

As before, hours outside the funded hours are paid, but at a higher rate than our base rate. Therefore, having 50% of your hours funded will not equal a 50% discount on your fees. This is because the funding payments we receive from the Local Authority on behalf of parents do not adequately cover our costs and therefore the funded hours are given at times of the day when costs are lower (e.g. not at lunch times as costs are considerably higher due to food and staffing elements).

The main changes taking effect from September 2017 are summarised below. Please also refer to the new fees sheet (available from the nursery) and Free Entitlement Policy.

This change does result in change for some currently attending families with regard to current funded hours. Please speak to the nursery to amend your current booking pattern, or if this is going to cause you any difficulties, as our main aim is to ensure a smooth transition for all families with regard to this change.

Alongside these new FE hours, we have taken the decision to change the way we invoice places. From September we will be invoicing for an average months’ fees rather than ‘calendar monthly’. This will result in your fees being the same amount each month. We hope that this will result in an easier system for parents who will be able to set up standing orders for their fee payments.

Summary of Main changes to funding.

Funded only FE places

• Limited to a maximum of 22 spaces for funded only FE hours.
• Funded only FE places will be offered as Term-time only places, over 38 weeks a year.
• You will not be able to use funded only FE hours over 52 weeks a year as previously.
• Funded only FE places will be offered within the hours of 9-4 for Universal FE or 9-3 for Extended FE.
• For hours outside these you must book a place under the Day Nursery places, as below.

Day nursery places:-

• FE will be allocated as 2.5 hours for a half day
• FE will be allocated as 5 hours for a full day
• Universal stretched funding will be to a maximum of 10 hours* per week for 52 weeks
• Extended stretched funding will be to a maximum of 20 hours* per week for 52 weeks

*Please note this is a slight shortfall on the full years’ entitlement.

Eligibility for 30 hours funding or tax free child-care.

You can check if you are eligible by following the link as shown below:-

We will require your validity code in order to claim this funding for you. This is checked and reviewed every 3 months.

Daisies – 32 months to school age

The Daisy room is a large, open planned play area that enables the children to move around freely. It is laid out in different ‘learning areas’ such as the creative area and role play area, encouraging the children to be focussed on their learning. They also enjoy additional spaces in the outdoor classroom, sensory room, and art studio. Children are encouraged to become independent and are learning essential skills in readiness for school.

Poppies – 18 months to 32 months

Poppies have 4 exciting play areas available to them, used flexibly throughout the day. The sensory room offers a space to excite and stimulate the children’s senses and expressive skills. The creative room and garden allow the children to explore a range of different equipment using their natural curiosity and interest in the world around them. We aim for the equipment to be real, so include fresh food in the role play area and pots and pans in the outdoor mud kitchen.

Snowdrops & Buttercups – 3 months to 18 months

We have a fully functioning milk kitchen aimed at making your life as a parent easier. The babies are offered a range of sensory equipment aimed at stimulating their curiosity and interest. The activities are changed frequently during the day as we truly believe that busy babies are happy babies.