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“My child is growing with confidence day by day. She amazes us every week after 3 days at Daisy Chain. Thank you so all the staff that are helping her develop.”

“A massive thank you to every team member at Daisy Chain. You have helped Ava in so many ways and I am so grateful to send her to school knowing that Daisy Chain has help teach her everything she needs to make this big step.”

“Daisy Chain is  a lovely, homely, and fun Nursery. All 3 of my children have and are, still attending Baby Daisies and Big Daisies. A great Nursery for a great start to their academic lives.”

“Thank you for all the fun activities and opportunities you provide for all the children. The staff are so friendly and caring. It is such a relief leaving our children in such great care.”

“WOW. Amazing to see that the things that happen at home are also happening at Nursery. My child has often shown great confidence at home and we have never been sure it is the same in a group environment. Now that she has been in the bigger group for a few months, it is clear that she is finding her place at Nursery and continuing her ongoing development and we’re so please that Daisy Chain are able to install the same values as we do at home. Thank guys, great stuff!”

“A big Thank you to you all at Daisy Chain. We feel very lucky that Ayla was able to attend such a great nursery. The care and support she received was ‘second to none’ and invaluable for the next chapter in her life. Thank you for helping our little one to grow!”

“It has been a delight to read the detailed file that you have put together about Luke. The observations are so genuine and we feel you have really captured him perfectly”

“Thanks very much for everything you have done to help turn a scared, cautious boy into a super-hero-role-playing machine!”

Daisies – 32 months to school age

The Daisy room is a large, open planned play area that enables the children to move around freely. It is laid out in different ‘learning areas’ such as the creative area and role play area, encouraging the children to be focussed on their learning. They also enjoy additional spaces in the outdoor classroom, sensory room, and art studio. Children are encouraged to become independent and are learning essential skills in readiness for school.

Poppies – 18 months to 32 months

Poppies have 4 exciting play areas available to them, used flexibly throughout the day. The sensory room offers a space to excite and stimulate the children’s senses and expressive skills. The creative room and garden allow the children to explore a range of different equipment using their natural curiosity and interest in the world around them. We aim for the equipment to be real, so include fresh food in the role play area and pots and pans in the outdoor mud kitchen.

Snowdrops & Buttercups – 3 months to 18 months

We have a fully functioning milk kitchen aimed at making your life as a parent easier. The babies are offered a range of sensory equipment aimed at stimulating their curiosity and interest. The activities are changed frequently during the day as we truly believe that busy babies are happy babies.