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A Typical Day

Flexibility is very important to ensure your child has the best day possible and whilst integration is important we are very happy to work with you and any existing routine you might have. As your child grows they will progress through a variety of gently changing environments suited to their age and needs, with the aim of preparing them for a stress free progression into formal education.

A typical day in Baby Daisy Chain

We believe it’s important to structure the day around the needs and existing routines of your child. Each day they will be offered a range of activities, including outdoor play, creative activities, story and song times, and access to a range of equipment for them to explore. The timing of these activities is never set, because it is in direct response to how the children are on each day and what they are interested in.

The children have a separate area to sleep and we promote meal times as an opportunity for quality time with each other and the adults..

A typical day in Daisies

The only routines that are ‘set’ are the 12.00 midday meal, and 4.00pm tea. Everything else is completely flexible to allow your child to access things at a time most appropriate to them. The room is laid out in learning areas, such as the creative area; role play area; construction and small world area and outdoor classroom; we also have access to a separate art studio and sensory room for the children to expand their experiences and develop creative skills.

The children have small group times with their key-person, enjoying various activities including stories and songs, ‘show and tell’ which are all planned to suit the individual children in the group at that time. The children are encouraged to be independent, whether that be from taking themselves to the toilet area, serving themselves with their snack, or making their own choices as to what they would like to be enjoying.

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Daisies – 32 months to school age

The Daisy room is a large, open planned play area that enables the children to move around freely. It is laid out in different ‘learning areas’ such as the creative area and role play area, encouraging the children to be focussed on their learning. They also enjoy additional spaces in the outdoor classroom, sensory room, and art studio. Children are encouraged to become independent and are learning essential skills in readiness for school.

Poppies – 18 months to 32 months

Poppies have 4 exciting play areas available to them, used flexibly throughout the day. The sensory room offers a space to excite and stimulate the children’s senses and expressive skills. The creative room and garden allow the children to explore a range of different equipment using their natural curiosity and interest in the world around them. We aim for the equipment to be real, so include fresh food in the role play area and pots and pans in the outdoor mud kitchen.

Snowdrops & Buttercups – 3 months to 18 months

We have a fully functioning milk kitchen aimed at making your life as a parent easier. The babies are offered a range of sensory equipment aimed at stimulating their curiosity and interest. The activities are changed frequently during the day as we truly believe that busy babies are happy babies.