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Find out more about Daisy Chain Nursery in our FAQ’s
below or ask a specific question here

  • Are Free Entitlement hours and Childcare Vouchers accepted at the nursery?
    Every 3 and 4 year old is entitled to the equivalent of 15 hours funding over 38 weeks a year. As we are open for 52 weeks we allocate this on the basis of stretch funding, allowing you up to 10.5 hours per week over 52 weeks. Some 2 year olds are also eligible, according to a set criteria
  • What qualifications do your child carers hold?
    Each room is led by a minimum level 3 qualified or above child carer and we have senior staff qualified up to Level 6.
  • What ratios do you operate?
    We meet the national standards for staff ratios set by Ofsted by implementing ratios of 1:3 for under 2’s, 1:4 for aged 2 and above and 1:8 for 3 and above.
  • Do you operate a key person system?
    Yes we do, your child is allocated a key Personal contact when they start at the nursery, this person will ensure that the settling in process goes well and will be your first contact in case of any concerns. How far in advance do I have to book to ensure my child has a place? Popular nurseries are in demand and most will have a waiting list. If you are unable to be flexible on days/sessions then you might find that there are no vacancies in the nursery of your choice. Going back to work might seem a long way off whilst you’re still pregnant but you would be surprised at how many people do start looking at this time!
  • Are all your staff CRB checked?
    All our staff are required to have an up-to-date DBS check and will work under supervision until they receive one.
  • What are the opening hours for Daisy Chain nurseries?
    8am-6pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) with an optional extra 7.30 start if required.
  • What happens if my child is ill?
    In the event of your child becoming ill at nursery, his/her condition will be brought to the attention of a senior member of staff. Based on their symptoms, visible signs, and body temperature we may decide to call you to either inform you that we are going to monitor their condition, or to ask you to come and collect them. Rest assured your child will be comforted and remain with a staff member until you are able to collect them. We recognise that it can be frustrating when a child is excluded, but it is important to bear in mind that the exclusion is for the benefit of all children in the nursery. Our nurseries operate a strict control of infection policy and in the case of sickness and diarrhoea we insist that all children remain at home until they have been clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours. This adheres to the Department of Health guidelines in the control of infectious diseases.
  • Do you have facilities for play outside?
    We are extremely proud of our outside play areas and strive to provide an environment that can be accessed easily by your children and that provide alternative activities to those indoors. We encourage children to be imaginative and creative through physical play and sensory awareness. Our nurseries have vegetable growing areas and a range of outdoor equipment your children will love. Will I get regular feedback on my child’s progress? We will give you a report on a daily basis either verbal or written, that details your child’s progression throughout the day, the activities they have participated in, how much food they have eaten and any naps they have had etc. We hold termly parents evenings and encourage you to make appointments at which to discuss your child’s with their key-person at any time that suits you.
  • I only work mornings is it ok to put my child in Daisy Chain for just a morning session?
    Absolutely! We have both morning and afternoon sessions available so you can pick and choose the sessions you want as long as there is availability. Session Times AM: 08:00 – 1300 PM: 13:00 – 1800
  • What happens when a member of Daisy Chain staff is ill/absent?
    We have a bank of reliable and qualified temporary childcare staff that are able to cover when a Daisy Chain team member is absent. We also operate a secondary key-person system, so that your child still has someone very familiar to them even in the absence of their primary key-person.
  • How do you monitor access to Daisy Chain nurseries?
    Security is paramount. All parents/carers must use the intercom to gain entry to our nurseries and we ask parents not to let anyone else into the building until a member of staff authorises this. Only people who are pre authorised by parents can collect children from Daisy Chain and no one is allowed access to the building without being acknowledged by a member of staff.
  • What happens if my child has problems settling in?
    Once your child’s place at Daisy Chain has been confirmed, we will invite you to come in for a number of settling in sessions to make sure that your child has a smooth transition into nursery life. We are confident that if the taster sessions are appropriate to your child’s individual needs, then they will settle. This means that each child will the number of taster sessions that are needed to help them settle
  • Do you offer discounts for siblings?
    Yes. We offer a 5% discount for the eldest child when two children attend a Daisy Chain nursery.
  • What about food and nutrition?
    At Daisy Chain we are passionate about the food we provide our children. The menu is nutritionally well balanced and we incorporate a range of ingredients. We cook the food at the nursery so we know the ingredients are fresh and we are meeting the dietary needs of all the children.
  • Do I have to pay for bank holidays?
    Statuary legislation dictates that we have to pay our staff on bank holidays even though they are not working. Other over heads such as rent also need to be covered so we do charge on bank holidays.
  • Do I still have to pay if we’re on holiday?
    You do still have to pay while on holiday to reserve your child’s place at nursery.
  • What are your fees?
    Fee sheets are available from each individual nursery and fees are assessed in January of each year.
  • What is the EYFS?
    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the statutory curriculum guidelines that all early years providers must work towards. The EYFS provides guidance and support for childcare providers on meeting the overall developmental needs of all children.
  • How do you keep in touch with parents?
    Regular communication with parents is essential to our work. We do this via daily verbal feedback, phone calls during the day, termly parents evenings, and via information sharing on newsletters, Facebook, notices, etc. We want parents to feel part of what we do so happy to share information in any way that suits.
  • Who should I talk to if I have a problem?
    Whatever the problem, however big or small, we are here to listen and support your concerns. Your child’s Key Person or Room Leader will always be available for you to talk to. You can also contact the nursery manager, and we have a complaints procedure so please feel welcome to ask for a copy if you require this.
  • What happens when I come to collect my child?
    No child will be allowed to leave the Daisy Chain nurseries with anyone other than those people who have been previously authorised to collect the child and that are known to them. There is always a Senior member of staff on duty at all times. We ask parents to inform us if anyone else is going to collect their child. Anyone trying to collect a child without us being informed, will not be allowed to do so, even if they have the password. We do not allow anybody entry into the building if they are unknown to the staff.
  • Will my child be safe and secure whilst at nursery?
    Nobody is allowed into the nursery unless they are known to staff. Visitors are granted access by appointment only. Each Daisy Chain Nursery has a camera and intercom system to ensure maximum security.
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