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Healthy Food
Nothing Beats Fresh Air…

Our dedicated catering team work hard to provide your children with an interesting, healthy and balanced diet. The nursery cooks have an in-depth understanding of nutrition and the important role it has on your children’s development. We like to keep the menus varied, seasonal and fresh ensuring your children get a tasty, nutritional and balanced diet at all times.


We never use salt, and minimize the use of sugar and other additives. All our food is freshly prepared and absolutely delicious and it is easy for us to cater for any special dietary requirements.


The children are able to access a self-serve breakfast in Poppies and Daisies. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available as a free-flow mid-morning snack and included in our afternoon tea menu. We have a love of good food and aim to encourage the children to embrace healthy snacking habits. Milk and water are available to drink, and the children have access to water throughout the day to ensure they are keeping suitably hydrated. Depending on the age of the child, water is offered in labelled beakers with lids or the children have labelled cups and water jugs are available for them to serve themselves a drink when they want.


At the pre-school (Daisy Chain) we include fresh fruit and vegetables into the children’s role play area, to offer a realistic play experience and to help children familiarise themselves with various food types and textures.


At Baby Daisies we have our own milk kitchen. Our staff are trained to be able to sterilise equipment and prepare babies bottles which is our preferred method if your child is using formula milk. This takes the pressure off yourself in having to prepare enough for the day and it also ensures that we are confident that your child is receiving enough freshly prepared milk during the day.

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