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Your Outstanding Rated Day Nursery in Crawley.

Your Opinion Matters

We are constantly striving to improve every aspect of the Daisy Chain Nursery. There is always a welcoming feel to the nursery and we aspire to make parents and children feel at home at all times. We are constantly monitoring all aspects of how the nursery is run, and we strive to be as excellent as we can in each area. Therefore we encourage parents to give us their feedback on a regular basis to ensure nothing is overlooked.


We carry out regular parent surveys in order to get a thorough understanding of your opinions and feelings. We welcome your support and with your valuable feedback and the information we collate, we will endeavour to say yes to any reasonable requests, improve where we can and support fresh ideas.


We promise to keep you up to date through termly parents evenings, regular newsletters, and daily updates of your child’s progress and development.

Children Tying Their Shoes
Kid's Drawing
A True Partnership

We see parents as the children’s first and most enduring educators.  We endeavour to always work in partnership with you to have a positive impact on your children’s development and learning, and encourage you to discuss their progress and well-being with our staff at any time.

Parent’s Evening

Every term we conduct a parents evening allowing you to have a 1-1 meeting with your child’s key-worker. The sessions are relatively informal and this is a great opportunity to catch up on the progress your child is making at Daisy Chain Nursery.

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