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Children's Toys
Kids in the Garden
Nothing Beats Fresh Air…

We aim to instil a love of nature within the children with the ability to go outside on a ‘free-flow’ basis. Our ethos is for children to learn by experience, so this includes them going out in all weathers, and being able to explore a natural and exciting play area. The pirate ship, mud kitchen and ‘spare parts’ areas entice the children to use their creative skills.


We hold an annual event called ‘Camping Babies’ where the children spend the whole day outside, including their meals, nappy changes and sleeping. This has proved immensely popular with children and adults alike.


The garden at the ‘Babies’ site is well shaded with trees all around, and the ‘Pre-School’ has a covered ‘outdoor classroom’ which is available throughout the day as part of the regular learning environment.


Children love to play outdoors and this is something that we actively encourage!

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